The Second Great Monkey Island Race of 2010

December is always host to a number of traditions. Since last year, however, a new one has been added to December's traditions: The Second Great Monkey Island Race (The First one is in the summer). It all started last year when some cool people on TellTale Games' forums decided to celebrate the release of Tales of Monkey Island chapter 5: Rise of the Pirate God by playing a marathon of all 5 Monkey Island games, streaming it on livestream, and see who would be faster. Loads of people (Myself included) watched it on livestream and had lots of fun in the chatbox, but neither of the participants managed to finish the race, as the ~20 hours of straight gameplay meant gamers fell asleep on their keyboards and internet connections exploded.

However, a second and third race where done over the past year, spread out over multiple days these times, which I participated in too (Finishing exactly in the middle in both races). And now, a fourth race has started. The thread for it is here, and my own livestream, where I will stream each game as I play them (times can be found at the bottom of this post), is found here.

If you like Monkey Island, you should definitely try participating or watching a few streams. The chatbox really makes it a fun experience, and sometimes times can be thrillingly close.

The times on which I will stream are:
The Secret of Monkey Island, Special Edition: 27 December, 19:00 GMT
Monkey Island II: LeChuck's Revenge, Special Edition: 27 December, 23:00 GMT
The Curse of Monkey Island: 28 December, 19:00 GMT
Escape from Monkey Island: 29 December, 19:00 GMT
Tales of Monkey Island: 30 December, 19:00 GMT

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