2011 just started, so happy new year and all that. I kind of liked 2010 on a personal level, though it was pretty sucky on a global level. We had the Haïti earthquake, the eruption of that volcano on Iceland with the completely unpronounceable name and the ensuing mayhem, everyone going nuts about the football world cup (How can people find 22 millionaires running after a little ball so interesting?), Leslie Nielsen died, the Republicans won the American House of Representatives elections (I have no love for the Democrats, but at least they're better than the Republicans), the new Dutch cabinet is even more right-wing than the previous one, and the American plans for new manned missions to the Moon have been canceled (The one good thing Bush ever did).
Still, I had a lot of fun in 2010. I started playing Dungeons & Dragons, rediscovered the Pokémon games, read a lot of good books, went on vacation to Switzerland and saw mountains, and some more fun things. I just hope 2011 will be better.

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