The Vatican feels offended

Apparently the Vatican felt offended by the investigations into the child abuse that came to light last year. Are they fucking kidding? They swore the victims to secrecy and transferred the rapists to protect them from the law, and they have the nerve to be offended by a investigation?
Personally, I feel offended too, but by the fact that every civilised country on the planet didn't immediately break up and outlaw the catholic church, as that is exactly what would have happened if it had been a secular organisation (say an orphanage or a school) that covered up for their members who had raped children placed in their care.
Now, someone might say "Well, closing down the catholic church would be going against freedom of religion." No, it wouldn't, as no one would be forced to renounce their catholicism (that would be a very nasty thing, indeed), it's just the organisation I'm talking about.
Let us also not forget that this was hardly the first misdeed the church committed. There's their denial of condoms protecting against AIDS (To anyone who thinks that, there is a real easy way to test this: the HIV virus is about 500 times the size of an oxygen molecule. If you're right, that means oxygen could easily move through a condom. Please pull a condom over your head and see what happens.), which contributes to the immense spread of AIDS in Africa. There's their continuing discrimination against women and homosexuals, their condemning of contraceptives, contributing to overpopulation and poverty, their remaining silent during the Holocaust, and of course there's older crimes like the Crusades, Inquisition, and suppression of early science.

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