One million things that would really ruin my day, part one

nr. 9: Being force-fed a live frog.
nr. 32: A guy in a clown costume following me around.
nr. 2761: The Moon blowing up.
nr. 7765: Someone talking to me about football (either actual football or american football).
nr. 744: Someone switcheroo'ing my pair of shoes for three left shoes.
nr. 7239: Luxembourg building a doomsday weapon.
nr. 5: Christmas ornaments.
nr. 51421: A man with five nostrils.
nr. 50729: Being showered in rabbit droppings.
nr. 667569: EA games buying any other gaming company.
nr. 7050: A dog spitting in my face.
nr. 743687: The Blue Men Group throwing a stone through my window.
nr. 24165: Someone mailing me his vomit.
nr. 39: Getting cremated while still alive.
nr. 20: Having no eyelids.
nr. 723759: Seeing nude pictures of John McCain.
nr. 723760: Actually, even hearing those exist would ruin my day.
nr. 29: Vikings buying the city.
nr. 4102: Morons gluing wigs to random people's heads. (Though if I were not included in the random people, that would be kind of funny)

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