People at the cinema

Today I went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part 1. The movie itself was pretty good, though it got a bit too slow at the middle. Certainly a lot better then the previous three movies, which rushed through things way too quickly and skipped too much. I got a bit annoyed by two people there, though:

First, there was a lady who decided to call someone in the middle of the movie. She wasn't just rude enough to leave her phone on, but she actually called someone to tell that person she was at the movie: "Hey, I'm at the movie." "The movie." "No, I can't speak louder, because I'm at the movie!". Of course, people "shh"'d her, and asked her to turn off the phone, so she told them to be quiet, as they were interrupting her call. She was removed by the cinema's personnel about a minute later (She still hadn't manage to tell the person she was calling that she was at the movie), but who starts calling people during a movie? And it wasn't even at the somewhat sluggish part where Harry, Ron, and Hermione camp, but during the part where they infiltrate the ministry.

The second person who annoyed me did so at the end of the movie, when everyone was starting to leave. I heard him saying to someone "Well, that was way too complicated, I couldn't understand a thing, even though I watched that one with the Goblet of Fire a couple years back!" Seriously, what did this guy expect? He went to see the seventh part of a movie franchise without having seen five of the six movies that precede it (and probably having read none of the books), and he's surprised he didn't understand the plot?

A third person made my day by saying something similarly stupid, though: "Wow, what a depressing ending. I though Harry would beat Voldemort or something, but they just give up because Dobby died?" I overheard while walking to the exit. Heh, don't mind the "Part 1" that was printed pretty much everywhere, dude.

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