A historic occasion

Welcome, everybody, to a historic occasion, as you will today read several phrases that, according to Google, have never been spoken on the internet before!

"there are actually intelligent people on the internet"
"their curtains were eaten"
"no mr potato heads were harmed in the making"
"set a platypus on fire"
"is there a faith healer in the room"
"jar jar binks rocks your socks off"
"i would die for my twitter account"
"twilight is not awful at all"
"strangled with an old sock"
"lived on a diet of giraffe meat"
"had his eyes poked out with commas"
"noses fighting crime"
"gandhi wielding a chainsaw"
"got eaten by a garden gnome"
"luxembourgers and witches"

It's a bit of a surprise to me that none of these were used before. Several of them would be quite amusing incidents. "gandhi wielding a chansaw" and "luxembourgers and witches" could make for great villains for some story. (The Luxembourgers hate the fact that their country is so small, so they team up with witches to turn every foreigner into the world into a frog) Others, like the ones about Jar Jar Binks and Twilight are of course not surprising at all.

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